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2017 Misaki Marine Biological Station Open Practical Course
Course Name Biology of Marine Animals - Fertilization, Development and Regeneration
Location Misaki Marine Biological Station (MMBS), School of Science, The University of Tokyo.
1024 Koajiro, Misaki, Miura, Kanagawa 238-0225, JAPAN <direction>
Dates 27 Feb - 3 Mar, 2017
Instructors Prof. Koji Akasaka (MMBS, The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Mariko Kondo (MMBS, The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Manabu Yoshida (MMBS, The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Daisuke Kurokawa (MMBS, The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Akihito Omori (MMBS, The University of Tokyo)
Guest Instructors Prof. Billie Swalla (Friday Harbor Laboratories, WA, USA)
Prof. Brian Livingston (California State University, Long Beach, CA, USA)
Course Overview This course will provide training dealing with marine animals, on fertilization, development and regeneration. Students will choose one of five topics (below) to work on in groups. On the last day of the course, students will present what they have done/achieved in the course.
  1. Observation of early development of a sea urchin and reporter assay.
  2. Observation of intracellular Calcium oscillation at fertilization, and sperm chemotaxis.
  3. Histological observation of regenerating feather star tissue.
  4. Comparative developmental biology of marine organisms.
  5. Molecular phylogeny of marine organisms.
The courses will be taught basically in English.

During this course you will learn some of the following:
  • Basic processes of development of marine organisms.
  • Introduction of DNA using the gene gun and luciferase assay.
  • Preparation of histological sections.
  • Calcium imaging techniques.
  • Methods for phylogenetic analyses.
Participants This course is aimed mainly at undergraduate students who are interested in biology of marine organisms. Graduate students may also participate. The course is limited to 10 participants, and additionally, about 10 from the US will join.
Participation Fee No tuition is required.
Accommodation and meals cost 14,000 JPY for the whole course and must be paid by the participant.
Application Please send an e-mail including the following informations to
  1. Your Name
  2. Your contact address (e-mail and mailing address)
  3. What university and department you belong to
Our academic staff will respond and inform you how to send application documents, such as approval from your supervisor.
* US students applying for travel support must send their CV, motivation statement. A letter of recommendation by a supervisor must be sent directly to Dr. Mariko Kondo (konmari@mmbs.s,
Application Deadline 3 February, 2017
* 25 January for US students requesting travel support

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