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Joint usage and collaborative research application:

The Japanese Association for Marine Biology (JAMBIO) accepts applications for joint usage and collaborative research projects conducted at MMBS, once a year (usually in December). On acceptance of the proposal, JAMBIO will bear part of the travel expenses. Aside from JAMBIO, Center for Marine Biology (CMB) of the University of Tokyo accepts proposals for joint usage and collaborative research, all year round. Applicants will be given permission to use the facilities at MMBS, after approval of the MMBS steering committee. Application from independent administrative institutions and private companies are encouraged. Applications may be made 3 months before actual date of visit (in case of visits in April, applications are accepted from February 1). For more information for application, please visit the CMB web site.

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Use of MMBS for practical training courses:

 For universities who wish to use MMBS for their practical training courses, applications for the following school year (April to March) are accepted between January 4 and the third Friday of January. Applications during this period will be gathered, and schedules will be set by the MMBS staff. After this deadline, applications may be accepted up to 2 weeks before visit, according to vacancy. For other schools, applications for the following school year (April to March) should be submitted during the last week of January. Decisions of acceptance will be made depending on vacancy and availability of instructors.

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 All applications must be made first by contacting the MMBS clerical staff for scheduling (Phone: +81-46-881-4105, E-mail: Since notification to the local fisheries association is required for specimen collection, all outdoor activities must be reported to MMBS 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date. To plan your visit well, refer to the tide prediction.

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