How to Use MMBS

  The station is opened for all researchers and students for purposes of researches, training courses, meetings and seminars. Individuals and groups who are not belonging to the Universities and Institutes can also use the facilities of MMBS with a permission of the Director. All applications must be made first by contacting the MMBS clerical staff for scheduling (Phone: +81-46-881-4105, E-mail: Since notification to the local fisheries association is required for specimen collection, all outdoor activities must be reported to MMBS 2 weeks prior to the scheduled date. To plan your visit well, refer to the tide prediction.


User’s manual
(2021.1.20 revision)

Facility Usage Rules
(2020.6.17 revision)



 Please refer to the application guideline for the FY2022 Education-Related Joint Usage.Application Guidelines

 In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV2), there are currently restrictions on the external use of the station. Please be sure to read the precautions and measures against coronavirus infection when using the station.