Research equipments
DNA sequencer, Gene-gun gene transfer device, thermal cycler, real-time PCR analyzer, ultracentrifuge, cooling centrifuge, centrifugal concentrator, HPLC, electrophoresis device, fluorescence spectrophotometer, spectrophotometer, chemiluminescence measurement device, fluorescence microscope, differential interference microscope, fluorescence stereomicroscope, image analysis device for measuring intracellular Ca2+ concentration, sperm motility analysis device, CO2 incubator, class II safety cabinet, clean bench, etc.
Upright microscopes (approx. 30) and stereo microscopes (approx. 20)

Research equipments

Research Vessel
“Rinkai Maru” (17t, 21-passenger capacity) is equipped with a winch with 6mm wire, A-frame, high-performance fish finder, bow thruster, etc., and can perform dredges at depths of up to 500 m.
Two small boats with outboard motors (capacity: 5 and 4) and one wooden classic Japanese boat are also available.

The Memorial Building (Demolished in 2019) and “Rinkai Maru”

3 automobiles