Application guide

the guidelines when using the Station.


  Please refer to the application guideline for the 2022 Education-Related Joint Usage.

 Applications for research use by faculty and researchers are accepted at any time.

  Please inquire at the office for availability and submit an application form.(Form 1)
 For first-time users, please submit an “Application for Use”( (Form 3) )at least two weeks prior to the desired date of use, as the Steering Committee will review the application. This application form must be submitted when the content of the joint use changes, even if the user is the same. In the case of multi-year use, an application form must be submitted for each fiscal year.



For inquiries, please contact:
Misaki Marine Biological Station (MMBS) The University of Tokyo
TEL: 046-881-4105
E-mail1: (office) 
( was discontinued due to a server change.)