2020 MMBS Open Practical Course

2020 Misaki Marine Biological Station Open Practical Course


Couse Name

Biology of Marine Animals – Fertilization, Development and Regeneration


Misaki Marine Biological Station (MMBS),
School of Science, The University of Tokyo.
1024 Koajiro, Misaki, Miura, Kanagawa 238-0225, JAPAN <direction>


24 Feb – 28 Feb, 2020


Prof. Yoshitaka Oka (MMBS, The University of Tokyo)
Prof. Toru Miura (MMBS, The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Manabu Yoshida (MMBS, The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Daisuke Kurokawa (MMBS, The University of Tokyo)
Dr. Masanori Okanishi (MMBS, The University of Tokyo)

Guest Instructors

Dr. Gary Wessel (Brown University, USA)

Course Overview

This course will provide training dealing with marine animals, on fertilization, development and regeneration. Students will choose one topic (below, tentative) to work on in groups. On the last day of the course, students will present what they have done/achieved in the course. The courses will be taught in English.

  1. Observation of early development of a sea urchin and reporter assay.
  2. Observation of intracellular Calcium oscillation at fertilization, and sperm chemotaxis.
  3. Comparative developmental biology of marine organisms.

During this course you will learn some of the following:

  • Basic processes of development of marine organisms.
  • Calcium imaging techniques.


This course is aimed mainly at undergraduate students who are interested in biology of marine organisms. Graduate students may also participate. 8 participants from the US will receive travel funding from the Mikimoto – Morse Fund.

Participation Fee

No tuition is required. Meals and accommodation at MMBS is expected to cost 14,000 JPY.

For students in the US:  Travel expenses (flight fares) between the US and Tokyo as well as accommodation in Misaki will be covered by the Mikimoto-Morse Fund (supported by K. Mikimoto & Co., Ltd.). Meals must be paid by the participant (about 1,800 yen/day at MMBS).

Additional expenses such as accommodation in Tokyo must be covered by her/himself.


The funding is limited to 8 participants from the US. For selection purposes, you are required to submit the following documents.

      1. A one-page statement of interest outlining your research objectives. Explain why you would like to attend, including how you think you will benefit from the course.
      2. Your CV which includes all previous financial support
      3. One letter of recommendation sent directly from the writer

The documents should be sent as electronic files to Dr. Manabu Yoshida (yoshida@mmbs.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp) by e-mail with the subject “MMBS Course 2020”. The deadline for submission is 6 20 January, 2020. 

The candidates may be interviewed via Skype or Google Hangout. On request, please inform us your ID or account. For travel, the candidates must have their passports ready to submit.
Students that are awarded travel support will visit Mikimoto (Ginza, Tokyo) on February 28.

Application Deadline

6 January, 2020  closed

Deadline for additional recruitment (2-3 US students):
20 January, 2020